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Requirements & Compatibility


Better Workflow is compatible and officially supported with EE 2.2.1+, and while earlier versions may work, you may experience strange behaviour in any version < EE 2.2.

First Party Add-ons

+MSM: Better Workflow is fully compatible with Multi Site Manager, giving the ability to assign channels and users on a site by site basis.

Third Party Add-ons

Better Workflow supports a number of third-party addons out of the box*. These are:

*Certain caveats apply, see below

+Wygwam +

+Matrix +

+Playa 4.0.5 + [1]

+Structure 3.0.5 + [2]

+Expresso 1.7

+Zenbu 1.5.0 +

+MX Google Map 1.3.4 +

+CE Cache 1.7 +


[1] Playa 4.0.5 + To preview draft Playa entries, a custom hook needs to be added immediately after the db call to retreive the playa relationships within the _fetch_rels() method in mod.playa.php

In version 4.0.5 this is at line 409:

// get the relationships
$rels = $this->EE->db->get('playa_relationships');

// -------------------------------------------
if ($this->EE->extensions->active_hook('playa_data_query'))
$rels = $this->EE->extensions->call('playa_data_query', $dir, $this->entry_id, $field_ids, $col_ids, $row_ids, $rels);
// -------------------------------------------

In version 4.1+, this is at line 470:

// get the relationships
$rels = $this->EE->db->query($sql);

// -------------------------------------------
if ($this->EE->extensions->active_hook('playa_data_query'))
$rels = $this->EE->extensions->call('playa_data_query', $dir, $this->entry_id, $field_ids, $col_ids,     $row_ids, $rels, $filter_ids);
// -------------------------------------------

[2] Structure When previewing a brand new entry on a Structure managed channel no Structure data is available, so Better Workflow will revert to the preview template specified in the settings for that channel. After the entry has been 'saved and closed' for the first time, Structure will create its records and all subsequent previews will use the actual Structure URL. Depending on your template set-up, you may need to create a specific preview template for this scenario, or you may wish to disable preview for brand new entries.

Browser Compatibility

There is an issue with Internet Explorer 7 as it does not honour the value attribute of the button element. This causes issues with BWF custom statuses.